About Us

We are a local manufacturer that supply showers that comply with all international specifications and health and safety standards. We are committed in maintaining our leading position in the industry and to ensure attention to detail and to deliver excellent quality – we are the best in what we do! With us you us you would never have to choose between a good price and excellent quality. Safety always comes first.

Our showers are made of international standard materials and come in Stainless Steel with grade 304 and 316. We also manufacture mild steel(epoxy coated) showers. All showers are also available without eyewash bowls.

They are durable, easy to install and require low maintenance. If safety comes first for your business, we trust that this will help put that philosophy into practice efficiently and with confidence.

A chemical or any other hazardous fluids exposure accident may cause injuries to eyes, face, and other parts of a human body. Eye injuries are always serious, and require immediate treatment. The emergency shower and/or eyewash station is a necessary first aid response to minimize the effects of a chemical exposure accident.

All plumbed shower and eye wash equipment must be activated and tested on a weekly basis and for a period long enough to clear the supply line of any sediment built-up or microbial contamination, due to still water degradation.

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Email: sales@esewshowers.co.za